Percutaneous biopsy of kidney; comparison between prone position and sitting position


  • Manouchehr Amini Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran Author
  • Mohammad Reza Ganji Author
  • Iraj Najafi Author
  • Monir-Sadat Hakemi Author
  • Taiebeh Soleymanian Author
  • Fatemeh Yaghoubi Author
  • Farahnaz Tavakoli Author
  • Vida Sheikh Author
  • Atefeh Yousefi Author
  • Ali Akbar Afrasiab Author
  • Ali Movassaghi Author
  • Hossein Amini Author


Introduction: Percutaneous kidney biopsy has been established as a safe, reliable and minimally invasive method. This study aims to describe the author's experience with biopsy of the kidney and to compare the results in sitting position versus prone in terms of the complication rate.

Materials and Methods: Patients were divided into two groups: prone and sitting position according to the clinician’s and patient’s preference. Followed by kidney biopsy, a questionnaire was completed. Then, data and the mean number of glomeruli in each group were compared.

Results: Apart from sweat, presumably due to the prone position, no significant differences were found regarding the side effects including dizziness, seizure, nausea, and vomiting between the two groups. The number of glomeruli was not significantly different between two groups.

Conclusion: In comparison with the prone position, kidney biopsy at sitting position is more comfortable at least for patients who seems couldn’t tolerate prone position. We recommend sitting position for kidney biopsy owing to the low side effects rate of this diagnostic technique. 


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ORIGINAL | Kidney Diseases

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Percutaneous biopsy of kidney; comparison between prone position and sitting position. (2019). Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases, 13(5), 300-303.

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